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How to make her want you like you want her?

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Dear Dr. Love,

Good afternoon, I am a student madly in love with a girl in my school but she keeps making me feel unwanted!

Please, advise me on how to win her heart over because I truly love this girl!

Hi reader,

First things first, I think you might need to lay back and assess yourself. How are your manners, grooming and other outward things a woman might be easily put off by?

You need to realise that before anyone sees the beauty of your soul it is the outward appearance that’ll first be seen and that could be counting against you.

Then again, we can’t ignore the fact that some people are just not meant for you and no matter what you do, it won’t work.

Having said that, I’ll still advise that you try a bit more without being a pest. If she’s interested she’ll at least give you the chance to express yourself.

If she is persistent about the rejection, you might need to concede, move on and hope to get someone else.

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