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1. It’s a lot of lying down with some sex thrown in. If he’s feeling lazy, missionary is a godsend. It boils sex down to its essence: some thrusting. Everything else in missionary is optional.

2. It’s simple enough that he can’t screw it up. Here’s another reason missionary being so “no frills” is an advantage. He’s not carrying you, or hanging precariously from the headboard. There’s not much that can go wrong here. Sometimes you just have to set the bar low.

3. It’s easy for him to hide his O face. He can bury his head in the nape of your neck so you don’t have to see him moan while making a face like he just ate a lemon.

4. He can set the pace. He’s in control, which means he can find a rhythm he likes. Hopefully he’s not that selfish until he’s taken care of you first, though.

5. He’s got a great view of just about everything. He can push up on his arms and get a great view of all the jiggly bits. PSA: we love all of the jiggly bits.

6. But it’s still really intimate. It’s also easy enough to be pressed up against each other. Not every position affords that, and even fewer give you the option for both.

7. It’s perfect for early morning or late night sex. Still rubbing the sleep out of your eyes and you’re barely coherent? If you want to take care of his morning wood but he can’t form a full sentence yet, this is perfect. Again, the beauty is in the simplicity. Save the other positions for post-coffee sex.

9. If you’re staring at the ceiling, you can’t notice how dirty his room is. If he’s got a messy room, missionary keeps you focused on the one area that’s (hopefully) clean: the ceiling. Plus he can easily keep you engaged and kiss you passionately the second he thinks you’ll notice the forgotten pile of old beer cans next to his closet.

10. He can show off his forearms. He can flex all over you and start doing push ups mid sex. This is all assuming he can do more than one pushup.

11. He’s not going to get fluids all over himself. He’s in a position where he’s relatively safe once it’s all over. You’re not, unfortunately, but at least he is. Sorry.

12. You can wrap your legs around him. There’s no hard data on this, but there’s a good chance almost every guy finds this super hot.


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