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You may think you know it all, but there are obviously some tiny details about women, sex and relationships that you need to be educated about.

It is not all about spending money, buying gifts, being tireless in the bedroom, saying sweet words, or just generally being nice that will endear you to your woman.

There are more, simple things involved.

Here are 10 of them:


1. Appreciating your partner is key. Women blossom and become more desirable when they feel appreciated.


2. Kissing and touching need not lead to sex. You should get to point where you can kiss and touch without actually having sex. It’s cool, simple emotion expression.


3. Be reliable. If you say you will do something, do it because reliability goes a long way in a making a trusting relationship.


4. Foreplay should not begin on the bed. You should show your love to your woman in other non-bedroom activities. Helping/sharing the domestic burden and being handy will be appreciated.


5. Be attentive. Each woman women you meet is emotionally and sexually different. So learn and adjust.


6. Your brain size matters a lot. For most women, your brain and heart size are more important than penis size, even though a large organ may come in handy.


7. Some women just want to hang out. You should not think that all women want to entrap men into commitment. Some just need companionship and/or hot sex.


8. Conversation is a good form of foreplay. You should learn to talk to your date or your mate and talk about what’s going on in your lives, how you feel about things


9. Everybody type has hidden pleasure. Limiting your choice of women to body type, age, profession, etc., you’re cheating yourself of what they have to offer. Different women offer different pleasures


10. Women care about looks. Women may like the rugged type, but they also like men who know how to package themselves – no stale breath, smelly feet, unclipped nails.


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