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The best Shatta Wale songs 2018

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Shatta wale songs bring the dancehall scenes and this is the reason why most of them are still trending this year. The controversial Ghanaian Reggae and Dancehall king is well known for his great usage of pidgin language that makes his songs more unique and loved. Shatta Wale is loved since he never dissappoints he goes an extra mile with his awesome collaborations with famous artists.

You will be amazed to know the trending Shatta Wale songs 2018. Shatta Wale songs list shows how the Ghanaian artist is making waves with loads of success following him. Read on, watch, and listen to his great vocals, lyrics, and perfect choice of beats that will make you click ‘download’.

Shatta Wale ‘Disaster’ song

‘Disaster’ is among the Shatta Wale diss songs that trend this year, 2018. The controversial Ghanaian artist diss Wizkid, a popular and talented artist from Nigeria. This song went viral and a based on a recent buzz, we know that Shatta Wale also took to Twitter attacking Wizkid. According to Shatta Wale, he has the right to make his personal views and no one should attack him.

Ngerians also took to Twitter to protect their artist, Wizkid. We think it is best for you to also not be left behind on the latest drama caused by this song. The vocals and the beat are perfect and the song going trendy will be unquestioned.

Shatta Wale ‘Tribute’ song

This is a great Shatta Wale song for Mahama Maxwell Adam, late Ghanaian captain who died serving Ghana at a small town in Denkyira – Obuasi. His death was a great loss to the Ghanaians and this Shatta Wale song had to trend for recognizing and appreciating Mahama’s great sacrifice for the country.

This song might trend forever, as Ghanaians will always remember it any moment Mahama is celebrated. It is an amazing tribute song that takes the listener to a journey of sorrow and love. Lets all promote our Ghanaian artist by giving him morale and showing him love to continue being a part of the fasting growing music industry.

This is not Shatta Wale’s only tribute song though. He recently collaborated to produce the Sarkodie and Shatta Wale tribute song to Ebony and you can watch the video here

Shatta Wale ‘Ayoo’

This reggae was released in 2017 but still shedding light this year, 2017. Shatta Wale expresses this full of sarcasm song to how he feels displeased by the happenings of the Ghanaian music media & industry.

His amazing vocals and lyrics in this song makes the song to trend this year. Shatta Wale uses 3 Ghanaian languages with this particular song; Ewe, Pidgin, and Ga making the song more unique because a few artist can manage to arrange different language lyrics in such an organized way. Upload this song to your playlist and you will definitely fall in love with it.

Shatta Wale ‘Forgetti’

‘Forgetti’ is a great reggae song by Shatta Wale that was released in 2017 featuring Joint 77, Addi Self, Natty Lee, Captan, and Pope Skinny. The collaboration with those popular artists might be among the reasons why this song is still shedding light. It is a great song with amazing lyrics full of controversial dancehall praises on how you can’t forget him.

Shatta Wale mostly used Pidgin language, which is a popular language for the Ghanaian artists. Upload this song and I bet you will add it to your favorite playlist. The great beats are just amazing.

Shatta Wale ‘Taking Over’

This amazing reggae song was released in 2017 featuring great and popular artists Captan, Joint 77, and Addi Self. When the great vocals are well-organized with an awesome beat at the background, you just find yourself loving the hit. The lyrics message of the song is to inform his Ghanaian fans that they will take led in the Ghana music industry.

Do not miss out the great pidgin language lyrics, amazing vocals, and an awesome beat. Subscribe to Shatta Wale YouTube videos and if it does not please then you don’t have a good taste for good music. You will find yourself uploading.

Shatta Wale ‘Freedom’

‘Freedom’ is Shatta Wale amazing reggae song that he officially released last year, 2017. It is a great song with amazing vocals and beats. Shatta Wale lyrics for this reggae song have different personal meanings in that others say that it means that he now has the freedom.


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