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Interview: One on One with rising fashion designer Angel Ssemwanga

Angel Ssemwanga

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She is one of the most beautiful and stylish young ladies in Uganda.

411 UG’s Winnie Nantongo recently caught up with the extremely beautiful and talented rising fashion designer Angel Ssemwanga and these are the excerpts from the interview.

Who is Angel Ssemwanga?

Angel Ssemwanga is a young lady aged 23, soft spoken, bold and confident who is neither married nor single

What inspired you to get into fashion designing?

I have always loved being unique since I was 9 . And I believe fashion is about bringing up something new.(trend)
Same way designing is making things match in a certain way or the other.
So I just love fashion and designing

Which projects are you currently working on?

Apparently I make people’s clothes but only on an order and soon I will be showcasing Angels Fashion season 2.

Who is your favorite role model?

My favorite role model is Zari

What challenges have you encountered so far?

No challenges as yet

How is your spouse and family supportive in your career?

My spouse bought me my very first machine and my momma places orders day in day out.

What is your favorite part about being a fashion designer?

My favourite part is doing exactly what the client asked for

Who are your favorite fashion designers?

My favorite fashion designer is Elisha red from Tanzania

On what do you spend the most: clothes, accessories, perfumes, underwear, or anything else?


What advice can you give to young girls and boys who want to pursue their career in Fashion Designing?

Fashion is passion, art and being creative. Once you have those you are good to go

Describe yourself in one sentence?

I’m bold, frank, honest, kind and I always call a spade, a spade not a big spoon.

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