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The 5 Things Women Want Their Men To Do In Bed

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For most men, sex is a MYSTERY because they have no idea what women really want in the bedroom.

What makes life tricky for men is that many women don’t even know what they want themselves and the women who do know what they want, very often won’t say.

You see, women just want men to ‘know’ what they want.

It’s almost like us guys are expected to be ‘sexual mind-readers.’

Fortunately for you, what I can tell you is that after years of studying women, sex and relationships – I have figured out EXACTLY what women want during sex.
And it all boils down to five things…
Here they are…

The 5 Things Every Woman Wants
During Sex…

You might wanna take notes because this is pure gold…

Women want a man who is sexually dominant

The term ‘sexual dominance’ tends to conjure up images of black masks, whips and chains, but don’t freak out – this isn’t what I mean when I say that women want a man who is sexually dominant in the bedroom.

What it really means is that women want a man who TAKES CONTROL and leads them in the bedroom.

The reason why women love it when a man takes control during sex is because the vast majority of women are SEXUALLY SUBMISSIVE, so they need a dominant man to lead them

Women want a man who talks dirty

Dirty talk is one of the most powerful sexual techniques a man can ever learn – yet most men don’t do it – which is a shame because women absolutely love dirty talk. Dirty talk is the way you stimulate your woman’s MIND in the bedroom. This mental stimulation is essential if you want to give your woman sex that truly rocks her world.

Here’s a simple equation:

Expert mental stimulation + expert physical stimulation = Great sex

Women need both mental and physical stimulation – remember that.

Women want a man who is sexually creative

Predictability and boredom are the enemies of an exciting sex-life. Yet this is exactly the kind of lovers many men turn into. I know this because women regularly tell me about how BORED they are of their men in the bedroom.

The way to avoid your woman ever describing you as a BORING LOVER is to try NEW things on a regular basis.
I’ll tell you a little story that backs up what I’m saying…

A couple of weeks ago I was finishing up a little work on my laptop. When I’d done I went to find my girlfriend.
I found her in my office – where she’d laid a blanket down on the floor and lit some candles.
Of course I did the decent thing and gave her the sex she was craving!

What’s interesting is what she said afterwards:
“Adam, it was so exciting to ‘do it’ somewhere new”

Take note my friend – trying NEW things on a regular basis is essential if you want to keep your sex-life interesting, fresh and exciting.

Women want a man who makes the sex naughty

When you first start dating a woman sex in the missionary position with the lights on can be fairly exciting.
But after a while it can get ‘old’.

The truth is that women like NAUGHTY sex and missionary with the lights on just isn’t very ‘naughty’.

How do you make the sex naughty?
By doing things that are considered TABOO.
Here are a few examples that you can use the very next time you ‘get it on’ with your woman…
*Fuck her in front of a mirror…
*Restrain her using your tie, a pair of handcuffs or even cable ties…
*Do her somewhere a little risky – where there’s a chance someone could see you…
*Leave an item of her clothing on…
*Spank her for being a ‘bad girl’…

You get the idea.

Women want a man who can give them orgasms

Let me make something VERY clear…
When you hear women say that they don’t need to ORGASM to have satisfying sex – they are lying. And they are lying not only to you, but also to themselves.

“How satisfied would you be if your woman sucked your c*ck, then you had intercourse – but she then stopped before you had blown your load?”

I’m willing to bet you’d be pretty DISSATISFIED.
Am I right?
Yep – I thought so.

Yet this is how many men leave their women…

Without ORGASM and hopelessly SEXUALLY FRUSTRATED each and every time they have sex.

The truth is that the average man has set the bar very low in terms of his love-making skills. So you my friend – you don’t have to do that much to really stand out from all the other guys and become what women call A GREAT LOVER.

The single biggest thing you need to do to become a great lover is to give your woman

ORGASMS every time you have sex with her…

I recommend giving her AT LEAST three…

One clitoral and a couple of vaginal orgasms and she’ll have a grin on her face that’ll last a week.

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