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7 Really Cool Conversation Topics That Can Strengthen Your Relationship

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In this digital era, we cannot keep our hands and our eyes off our phone, updating the world about our daily routine (and getting mutual updates too!) Know why we do so?
We do it because all of us fear that we may miss something important.
But, for once look around you; look at the people who matter to you. Are you up-to-date about what they have been doing and how they have been feeling? Well, at least happy couples are. Such couples talk about their lives in person and not just digitally. If you too want to get a taste of their secret potion, then read on!
#1. Unforgettable embarrassing moments
Most couples get caught up in their routine lives and get busy with running errands and worrying about work. But, there are also those who sit back and relax by reminiscing their good old days, especially embarrassing moments for a hearty laugh! So, talking about a slip in the puddle, a fashion blunder or a brain freeze at an unexpected moment can lighten up your relationship!
#2. Politics and social affairs
Talk about (mind you, do not debate!) the recently concluded Elections or anything besides politics that your partner takes interest in. Such discussions help you understand each other’s perception and you learn something new you otherwise may not know. Also, there is nothing to be alarmed about if your views contradict. After all, you don’t always have to have a shared opinion.
#3. Childhood
Another fun conversation a happy couple hold, is about their childhood days. You too can ask about your partner’s childhood. Ask them if they are still in touch with their kindergarten friends? Did he/she make friends easily or were too shy? 
Any achievement in the school that they are proud of? What sports did they play? Were they ever caught causing any trouble in the school? This way you get an insight into the formative years of their life.
#4. Past relationships
Do not be puzzled just because it is a touchy subject! Some couples are open to acknowledging each other’s past. It is also a subtle reminder of who they would have been with, had they not found each other. If you too want to talk about your past relationship, make sure you do so without judging or comparing your current partner with your ex.
After all, some sparks can cause fire!
#5. Insecurities and struggles
Each one of us has a set of insecurities that send the shivers down our spines. But, there is nothing to be ashamed of, especially from your partner. Happy couples discus they want to battle their fears without the risk of being judged. If there are relationship insecurities, it is always better to let them know. If it is about career, an objective point of view can always help. The idea is to take it out, rather than bottling it up.
#6. Family
To know your partner’s relationship with his/her family is like a window to your life with him/her after your marriage. 
Questions like ‘who they are close to’, ‘what do their siblings mean to them’, ‘how do they handle power struggle at home’ and ‘does they like family gathering or function’ will give you an insight into how much a family man/woman they are.
#7. Movies and sitcoms Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment!
How well do you entertain each other with movies and TV shows? As a couple, your choices should be aligned so as to enjoy each other’s company, especially when you are making time to watch something together. Discuss about your like/dislikes and then go stream your favourite movie or sitcoms! Easy-peasy?
We have enlisted what a few things that a happy couples do talk about, but it is time for you to tell us about the talks you have with your significant other. Tell us, we are all ears!

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