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4 Ways To Drive Her Crazy And Give Her A Climax Every Time You Have Sex

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You may think that wildly jackhammering her rocks your woman’s world, but if she hasn’t told you already:

That ain’t true. There’s actually an art to giving her a mind-blowing climax, more than just having a big brush. 

Combining foreplay, clitoral stimulation, partial penetration, and anal stimulation can literally be like sexual dynamite for women.

Her recipe:
Foreplay First
Target all of her erogenous zones—especially her neck, bosoms, and inner thighs—with your lips, tongue, and fingertips. Remember, this is a marathon not a sprint, so take it slow. Get her to the point where she’s literally begging.
But then hold back. Having s*x before reaching that magic moment decreases your chances of giving her an climax.
Go Halfway Penetrate her slowly but just partially, and then stop for a few seconds. Don’t go in completely for three to five minutes . . . until she begs you even more.

Encourage Her to Touch—Herself: 

Take her hand and gently guide it to her cli**ris. Clitoral stimulation during s*x will significantly boost most women’s chances of reaching an climax.

Use Her Assets: 
The finish line is near. Move on to full penetration, gradually increasing the speed and depth of your thrusts. As she gets closer and closer to climax, try a bit of gentle anal stimulation. It’ll make of her climax even more.

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