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Five things that ran through DJ Micheal’s mind when Bryan White fainted at Kabaka Birthday Run

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Imagine your only pay cheque crumbling right before your eyes! Scary, right? Indeed, that’s a very disturbing situation you wouldn’t love to experience. Well, at the Kabaka Birthday Run, socialite Bryan White failed to make it to the podium. A few metres away away from the finishing line, his body have in and he dropped off sending members of the ‘foundation’ into panic, particularly DJ Micheal, of course for obvious reasons.

So, let’s talk a walk in the mind of DJ Micheal and imagine his thoughts at that moment.

1. Hell no!

Of course, his initial reaction was of shock and horror. Like any other human being, such incident gets you unaware and you have no control. He had the thoughts of worry; worries especially about the next day’s meal.

2. Please breath!

At this moment, he was seen checking his boss’ pulse and making sure ‘kiri okay’. If he were a woman, this is the point he would started wailing helplessly.

3. Fresh air!!

DJ Micheal started fanning the socialite in a bid to supply ‘fresh air’. He realised that the hopesof the next’ months meal is alive and kicking.

4. Thank you God!

There was a sigh of relief in his mind when the socialite responded to the ‘fresh air’.

5. Kiri OK

It was all smiles after the socialite started spelling instructions to the ‘foundation members’.

via: Matooke Republic

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