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Relationships – 10 Attitudes That Put Men Off!

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There are some attitudes that are just no-no! Men do not appreciate these listed attitudes from their women.

1. She has a life- but it revolves around him!
Men can’t stand a woman who doesn’t continue to enjoy her own hobbies and take care of her own responsibilities while in a relationship. When he becomes her entire world, it puts too much pressure on him. He feels like he’s responsible for her happiness and sense of being fulfilled, which isn’t fair to either person.

2. She acts the wicked witch.
One of the biggest things men hate about women are the women who act rude, jealous, and bitchy towards other women. Criticizing other women’s sense of style or fashion, among other things, is one of the top things men despise. Women who do this are unattractive and often do well at repelling men.

3. She can’t love herself.
When a woman doesn’t love and care about herself enough to have a fulfilled life without a man in it, she becomes very clingy and needy when a new man does enter her life. It is important to know this one thing. You can’t hope to have any man love you, if you don’t love yourself first. It is impossible. Without self love and respect you can’t and won’t receive it from any boyfriends permanently. Men hate a woman who is clingy and needy all of the time.

4. He is her emotional support.
Tying into the above, men hate women who use him to lean on all the time. Yes, if something in your life goes wrong, its okay to need someone for a little while. But on a regular basis, your family and friends should be your 24/7 emotional support, not the boyfriend.

5. The compulsive shopper.
When a lady can only think, breathe, and do shopping, severe irritation begins to set in with the man in her life. To be a well rounded woman means to have a wide variety of active hobbies and responsibilities both.

6. She’s too independent.
While independence is a quality men admire in a woman, taking it too far can cause more harm than good. Men need to be needed, to a point, to feel that they are a real part of your life. Men hate the overly independent woman because she accepts no compliments, acts indifferent, and makes no real space for a man in her life, even if there is a boyfriend in existence.

7. Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy.
Men hate women who are jealous and act crazy because of it. The girlfriend who asks, “Do you think that girl is pretty?” is certainly not appreciated for it. It puts the man in a very bad lose-lose situation.
Women who become jealous of other women and act rude, cold, or distant towards them are quite unattractive to men.

8. The High Maintenance Woman.
At first this woman may be quite appealing by her dazzling looks and ultimate self confidence, all men will come to find this woman horrid. The high maintenance woman is not appreciated by men in the least. She is unable to act laid back, relaxed, and enjoy the company of other men and women without taking over the entire scene. She demands expensive gifts and pretty words in exchange for affection from her man, and seems fake and uncaring towards him.

9. The “femi-nazi”.
If you look around you, you will find that nearly all men believe women are equals. In today’s world, this is the norm. However, there are still a feww omen known as “femi-nazis”, women who love to bash men while calling it what it really isn’t. Men love women who love men, in general. Women who take pride in themselves by belittling men and making generalizations about them are unattractive, rude, and not favored by men.

10. The hysterical, emotional woman.
If there is one thing that men truly hate about women, its that many of them become emotional about absolutely everything. Be it a sappy movie, a broken nail, or the fact that they can’t find their car keys, women go crazy over the little stuff often. No one is perfect, but a woman who is constantly in hysterics over every little problem or inconvenience will have no brownie points with the men she interacts with.

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