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BUSTED! Katsha De’bank Broke, Poses With Other People’s Property

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A few days ago South Africa based Ugandan showbiz specialist Katsha De’bank uploaded photos of a beautiful house which he called his “Project 8 in Munyonyo”, in a Facebook post which he later deleted.
He captioned the photos: “Project 8 Munyonyo. 2015 talking without opening our mouths #TheMoneyLord”
A social media analyst called Bugembe Esmile posted the photos on his Facebook account and was full of praise for the Katsha for this big achievement.
However it turns out the house belongs to a tycoon only known as Mr. Tebandeke whose business partner was very upset when Esmile shared photos of the property and called it Katsha’s.
Following this shocking revelation, Bugembe Esmile made a shaming post on Katsha and branded him an attention seeker. Read his full statement below.
#KATSHA Caught-In-The-Act!!! #EXPOSED !! #FAKE Short #SouthAfricanTycoon a.k.a “Attention seeker” #KatshaDeBank Posts Kampala City tycoon’s Mansion.. calls it His! #Details:

Well, yesterday evening #Katsha went on his ate wall and posted a very beautiful #Mansion calling the house his ‘Project 8 in Munyonyo!’
Now, as a senior analyst who likes to see people excel, I went on my wall and posted Katsha’s so-called mansion in appreciation of his work and success!

But today afternoon, some gentleman called me and asked why I post people’s property and giving it to others? ‘Whom he termed to as #FakeWannabes (the Katshas etc)!’ The gentlemen who talked in a low tone said, that house belongs to a friend of mine, a business partner and a Kampala City Tycoon ” #Mr.Tebandeke (Other names withheld)!!” And that the house is Not even in #Munyonyo as they lied to you, that house is in #Kitende on Entebbe road!!

To prove his point, the Gentleman asked me for my watsap line and sent me 30 photos of this beautiful Mansion in and out! He said that maybe Mr Katsha did not get enough photos of the house with its fence!! Lol… He went ahead to ask.. “But why do you allow such fake people to fool you around all the time, if they want nice things why don’t they sweat for it, why keep moving in other people’s images/shadows?? “You young people should learn to work, you can’t fool people forever that you’re rich when you’re actually Not!!” He stated… And rich people don’t show off like that!!”

Katsha has since tried to make Esmile pull down the post with a bribe but all in vain.

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